Guest Post: AMWF Couples – A Canadian Perspective

Sometimes, one good turn — in this case, a great guest post — deserves another! Fred’s post Are Interracial Couples of Asian Men & Western Women Really That Rare? A Field Report from Hong Kong encouraged Maria Deng to do observations of her own in Mississauga, Canada. Thanks to Maria for submitting her report!

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As a white female who recently married an Asian male, I have become intrigued with AMWF couples. I’m also an avid follower of Speaking of China and enjoyed a guest post by Fred titled Are Interracial Couples of Asian Men & Western Women Really That Rare? A Field Report from Hong Kong, where he noted the presence of AMWF couples during a trip to Hong Kong. So I asked Jocelyn about completing a study of the presence of AMWF couples in Mississauga, Canada and she agreed to post the article.

I want to thank Fred and Jocelyn for inspiring me to conduct my own study of AMWF couples.

Maria and Joey - engagement photo
Maria and her husband Joey during their engagement photo shoot in May 2014.

Aside from my husband and me, there are two other couples that I personally know of in AMWF relationships. One is a close friend of mine, whom I set-up with my husband’s friend. She is Canadian with Macedonian heritage, while he hails from Thailand. The other couple is made up of two Canadians — her background is English/Irish and his is Chinese. They both currently reside in Mississauga, with one couple married and the other dating.

I decided to conduct this study over a period of one month. The study began on April 19, 2014, and ended on May 19, 2014. Unfortunately, I was only able to write about two days of viewing as those were the only days when I noticed AMWF couples during my travels. Each date includes the place where I observed the AMWF couples, their actions, and my perceptions of them.

Photo 2
Square One Shopping Centre, located in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. This shopping centre served as a popular site for AMWF couples during Maria’s study.

Day 1: April 19, 2014

My husband and I were at Square One Shopping Centre, the largest mall in Mississauga. At this mall, I observed four AMWF couples.

  • Couple #1: The first couple I saw was walking through the mall holding bags. They were walking side by side, while laughing about something. They seemed to be enjoying each other’s company. They were quite young, possibly in their late teens/early twenties.
  • Couple #2: The second couple I saw was also walking through the mall. They were an older AMWF couple, most likely in their mid-late forties. They were smiling, while enjoying each other’s company (or so it seemed).
  • Couple #3: The third couple I saw was quite young, possibly in their late teens. The young woman was holding the young man’s arm. They seemed to be quite intimate in terms of their body language. They then departed at the entrance of a jewelry store. As they departed, they kissed each other passionately on the lips. They didn’t seem to mind the stares that they received as they looked to be very much in love. The young woman was holding a bag of food in her hand as she walked away.
  • Couple #4: The last couple that I saw was in a popular department store called Target. I was in the changing-room when I noticed a middle-aged man coming in and asking his wife, who was trying on an outfit, if she needed a different size. She seemed grateful to have his assistance, thanking him more than once.

Day 2: May 10, 2014

My husband and I were dining at a Korean restaurant in Mississauga called The Owl of Minerva. We were dining with my husband’s mother and father. I noticed one AMWF couple during the entire time that we were at the restaurant.

  • Couple #1: The only couple that I saw was sitting at a table behind us. They seemed to be very interested in each other, holding each other’s hands while they spoke with the young man’s mother and sister, who were also dining with them. The couple looked to be in their mid-late twenties, possibly just recently married.
Maria and Joey on their wedding day in June 2014.
Maria and Joey on their wedding day in June 2014.

During my one month of observation, I only noticed five AMWF couples. I found this to be quite low as I would have expected to see more in a larger city like Mississauga. However, I am grateful for the couples I did see as I was able to observe their behaviour and consider the nature of their relationship. That being said, in comparison to Fred’s study of AMWF couples in Hong Kong, those found in Mississauga were similar in numbers, being slightly higher than the six noted by Fred. In total, we noted eight AMWF couples in Mississauga over the one month of observation (including me and my husband as well as the two couples we know personally).

Unfortunately, since I was focusing solely on AMWF couples, I neglected to include the number of WMAF couples that I had noticed. I will say it was much higher than the AMWF couples that I had noted above. Fred’s post nicely reveals the number of WMAF couples compared to the number of AMWF couples.

A comic of how Maria and Joey's love story began, displayed at the venue where their wedding was held.  Both were drawn by the ever talented Jasmine from Japan-aholic! ()
A comic of how Maria and Joey’s love story began, displayed at the venue where their wedding was held.
Both were drawn by the talented Jasmine from Japan-aholic.

Of course, the sighting of AMWF couples all depends on time and place. Before this study took place, my husband and I dined at a popular Chinese restaurant in Mississauga called Summit Garden. We would attend Dim Sum (点心) in the mornings with my husband’s parents and friends. We often noted many other AMWF couples: some young, some old. We were pleased to see that AMWF couples, like us, do exist. Although AMWF couples will never be as numerous as WMAF couples, we are out there and we are proud!

What do you think of this article? Have you noticed many AMWF couples in your part of the world? 

Maria Deng currently resides in Mississauga, Canada with her husband Guangjie (Joey), who originally hails from Guangzhou, China. She loves reading about AMWF relationships, and looks forward to writing more about her experiences being married to a Chinese man. 


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84 Replies to “Guest Post: AMWF Couples – A Canadian Perspective”

  1. I remember one time when I worked at Babies R Us store, one day I saw maybe a few AM/WF couples, but oh boy, there were tons of AF/WM couples compared to AM/WF couples. Sometimes I see AM/WF in form of teens, guess maybe teen girls are more open minded to dating Asian men 🙂

    1. Hi Sveta,

      Maybe this post by Maria and my prior post will inspire you to give us Asian boys a chance at dating. All the best to you, Sveta.

    2. I notice that there are more younger AMWF couples than older ones. I have seen a few older ones but not as many. Possibly because 50 or 60 years ago, it wasn’t that common to have AMWF couples. I think in the next 30-40 years, we will see the number of older AMWF couples rise significantly!

    3. I hope this is still true. I hope there are still tons and tons of young gorgeous western females/white females who are open minded towards dating Asian men(Chinese, Korean, Japanese etc)

    1. Thank you Ordinary Malaysian for your best wishes on our marriage! We can only hope that those AMWF numbers will continue to climb.

      1. In Honolulu, the interracial marriage capital of the US, you’ll find AM/WF combos common as day. It is so very common that nobody even bothers to look at them anywhere in the city. That interracial mixing proud heritage started centuries ago with the first arrival of whites when there were only Polynesian natives living there. It continued on with the eventual successive wave of immigrants and is still flourishing to this day. President Obama is
        just one of many shining examples of the locals of mixed heritage.

  2. In Hong Kong I haven’t seen any although I know one or two via Internet that are in relationship with Hong Kong men. On the other hand we now live in America in San Francisco Bay Area that has huuuuuge Asian community (especially Cantonese-speakers) and there’s no day I wouldn’t see another AMWF couple.
    As for Poland I know there are many girls married/dating Asian men but if you ask me have I see them on the street? One single in 21 years I’ve spent in my hometown. Oh, there was one more – mother of my friend, her husband and father of the friend is from Japan. That’s two I’ve seen on my own. But numbers are increasing so go TEAM-AMWF! 🙂

    PS Maria, have you thought about making your own blog? 😀

    1. I don’t think that I will start my own blog quite yet, maybe sometime in the future, who knows! I am just an avid blog follower. I notice that in Europe, it is rare to see AMWF couples, maybe because they believe it is difficult to marry outside of one’s culture, or because the number of Asians are not that high in European countries. I would expect San Francisco to have a lot of AMWF couples because of the large Chinese population!

  3. I’m from Canada as well! (Although, I’m a Northern BC girl) and my husband is from Hong Kong! (Born in Guandong as well!) 😀 And there is literally not one other AM/WF in my city. XD Haha. It’s actually kind of painful. :/ But then again, the vast majority of the Asian men here are students and they don’t usually bother trying to become close to the girls here! (Except for my husband. ;D)

    1. Wow, that’s amazing, Guangdong as well? What part of Guangdong is your husband from? I don’t know anyone from B.C., but I believe that Northern B.C. is quite small, and that could be why there aren’t any other AMWF couples in your area. Is that true? I think I should start a group for AMWF couples in Canada, I don’t really know that many! Would you join it if I started this group on Facebook?

      1. I joined! 🙂

        My husband was born in Haifeng. I’ve been there and Guangzhou as well. So cool! 🙂

        That’s very true! I’m from PG, it’s the biggest city in the north though and we have a huge university! So lots of students. Haha. 🙂

        Vancouver is only 8 hours away, if we ever feel lonely. Haha!

        1. Thank you for joining the group Cheryl! I’ve heard of Prince George before, it isn’t as small as I thought! You can always take nice road trip to Vancouver one afternoon. 🙂

  4. I live a few hours North from Mississauga and my husband and I visit there a few times a year. Each time we go, we can always be found at one of the dim sum places. Last time we were there we visited Square One, although we were not a couple Maria described above. I have to say 8 couples is not bad considering she only observed in Mississauga . I wonder if the numbers would improve had it also been in other Toronto areas?

    Last time I was in Markham, which is located 20 minutes from Toronto, I encountered 3 other AMWF couples. I think it’s pretty good considering this was just for a weekend visit.

    In Montreal, I observed fewer AMWF couples but I do not visit very often.

    In my city, I have observed a growing number of AMWF couples. Just in my previous workplace alone (100 employees), we were 4 AMWF couples and all of them were married (my husband and I included). I have seen about 15 other different couples throughout our city in the past 4 years; 2 of which were walking with their baby/babies, 2 who seemed to be in their late fourties, a handful in their mid-twenties and the majority being in their teens.

    Of course, this number could be better but I believe it is improving over the years! I also have to say 19 couples is pretty good considering we’re not as big as Toronto.

    Surprisingly, I have noticed a major lack of AMWF couples out in Western Canada, more particularly in Metro Vancouver which is odd as British Columbia has the second highest Asian population in Canada. I have heard from a couple of Asian guys from that area and it seems harder for them to find a girlfriend than in Eastern Canada.

    1. You are right Nathalie, if the study were done in Toronto, there would have been more couples, I’m sure. Which dim sum restaurants have you been to in Mississauga? I think I’ve been to all of them! Markham has a huge Chinese population, and I do have noticed some AMWF couples, specifically at Pacific Mall. I can’t believe that you have noticed so many AMWF couples that work at your company, that’s amazing! I’ve never noticed any AMWF couples, I guess it just depends on where you work. I’m surprised about Vancouver, I thought it would have more AMWF couples, but I suppose it’s more of a hub for WMAF couples. Please feel free to like my page about AMWF Love in Canada:

      1. Hi Maria, I live in Scarborough and while I do see AMWF couples once in a while I have noticed there are more younger AMWF pairings lately. I think Sveta has a good point there because from my experience it certainly seems like teenage girls and young women who are in their twenties are more open to dating Asian guys. And yes I always notice a few AMWF couples at Pacific Mall too. Like Natalie, I’m also surprised as well that there is a lack of AMWF couples in Western Canada. I have a friend that moved to Vancouver almost a decade ago who has found the dating scene to be difficult. Anyways here’s to keeping hope alive and fortune for everyone in finding love.

        1. It’s great to hear that you have noted AMWF couples in Scarborough Cris! It was funny because I actually went shopping in Buffalo recently and I noticed that there were a few AMWF couples there! I’m not sure if they were from the GTA or from Buffalo but it was great to see them out there. If you are interested in joining my group about AMWF Love in Canada, here is the link: Thank you for posting!

          1. Hi Maria,

            Great Observations in Your Article here!

            I’m from the GTA close to Mississauga and find many of us, Asian Men do have difficult times approaching the dating scene due to prevalent racial and cultural prejudices through stereotypes and discrimination. A part of my mission towards Social Change, Dating/Relationship and Life Coaching is to alter the way people of different and diverse backgrounds are seen in real life, despite what the mainstream media and society portrays people as objects and labels.

            Currently, running a FB PG, Word Press Blog, and Website on Social Change, Dating and Relationship, Life Coaching Services and Advice. Please feel free to contact me on my Page: or [email protected] if you would be willing to do an interview on intercultural aspects, AMWF dating and relationship settings.

            By the way, the link you provided on AMWF Love in Canada group goes back to the home page of FB. Is it closed/secret group or non-existent now?

            Thank YOU! 🙂

          2. Hello Luke!

            Glad to hear that you found my article to be of interest! I have liked your Facebook page, and have sent you a message on Facebook. Be sure to check your ‘Other’ folder in your message center as my message may be there.

            Thank you!

    2. As an Asian male from the US who had visited Canada multiple times for skiing vacation and dated local white females, I found western Canada to be very welcoming. Even way back in the 60’s I was very much accepted by the white gals that I met on the ski slopes and lodges. In fact I finally met a cute blue-eyed BC local skier in Banff, married her and settled in Honolulu. I have to conclude that Canadians are quite open to normal individuals falling in love with each other regardless of their racial background.

  5. When I think about it, before having ever heard the term AMWF, I had already met several AMWF couples. Most of them I knew when I was studying in Beijing. There were at least 4 couples in which the man was Korean, 2 with Chinese men, and 1 with a Filipino.
    In Spain I have only known 2 AMWF couples, and both men had grown up in Spain, one was Korean and the other Chinese.
    Every time I go to Shanghai I see AMWF couples, next time I will count how many and observe them. Now I’m in Spain on holidays, let’s see if I come across any AMWF couple but I’m not really counting on it, still kind of rare, specially in the south!

    I’m with Lina, what about starting your own blog, Maria? 😀

    1. Hi Marta,

      I did not realize my simple post would ever inspire so many of you out there to conduct your own surveys like Maria’s. I am so very happy that I am having an effect in this world as I an neither famous nor rich. Keep up the greatness, Marta. Viva Espana!!!

    2. Thank you Marta! I don’t think I will start a blog quite yet, maybe sometime in the future, who knows! Before I began dating my husband, I never paid attention to AMWF couples, but now that I am aware of it, I tend to notice them more. I’m sure they were out there, I just never paid attention to it. I would be interested to hear if there are any AMWF couples in Spain. But, as you mentioned, it is rare. It is the same with Southern Italy. If there are AMWF couples, it is definitely the ‘talk of the town’! It would be great to hear about how many AMWF couples you encounter in Shanghai, keep us all posted!

    1. Hi Jack,

      “I know a lot of Russian women and Chinese men.”

      Please provide us the statistics then. Where are you? Where did you observe them? In Russia? In Beijing? Please tell me as I am dying to know. When I was younger before I married my current Brazilian wife, I at one time dreamed of being with a tall beautiful Russian woman, but my dream was not fulfilled. Instead, I got the best wife in the world from Brazil. I am still somewhat curious about Russian women though. So, please humor me.

  6. I dated two foreign girl(girlfriend) one from the Russia and one from Canada They tell me I’m handsome than white men

    1. I’m glad to hear that you are open to dating people from other cultures Jack. Not everyone is, so, pat on the back for you! 🙂

  7. Ever since my bf and I have been aware of the term AMWF (only recentlyーwe’ve been an unaware couple for a while, haha!) we’ve spotted quite a few in Tokyo. There are definitely more than there used to be from what I can tell. (I was still kind of aware beforehand I guess, being single in Japan you tend to notice and wonder how those couples came about. It’s a notoriously difficult dating scene.)
    Usually if one of us spots another AMWF we’ll nudge the other. We’re not keeping count, but it’s definitely interesting (and inspiring) to see. ^^)b

    Also, congratulations Maria on your nuptials!

    1. Thank you Ri for your kind wishes regarding my marriage! Joey and I are like that too, we tend to point out the AMWF couples in amazement. Why is the dating scene difficult in Japan if I may ask? I suppose that the younger generation is more open to dating outside of their culture than the older generation, that is probably why there are more younger AMWF couples than older ones. It would be interesting to see how many AMWF couples exist in Tokyo!

  8. I spent about two weeks in Seoul around 4th of July. My gf and I noticed more AMWF couples than other way around. We did not count. But that was our impression. At one moment in imperial palace, WE noticed every body in the yard were AMWF couples. It was so weird that we all were laughing.

    Korean men are more appealing?

      1. I think AG may have a point here. Korean men have kinda become the latest fashion accessory amongst women these days. The spread of K-pop in recent years has rendered many a white chick wanting her own personal G-Dragonesque androgynous boy toy.

        1. I agree with both AG and D-Maybe. There is something about Korean men that tend to attract women more. I notice that more AMWF couples usually consist of a Korean man as opposed to any other Asian country. It could be their style, appearance, personality, or any other feature about the Korean culture. Mind you, it does depend on the individual.

  9. I live in Richmond Hill/ Markham which is north of Toronto where there’s a huge asian community, my boyfriend and I have only seen maybe a dozen or so AMWF couples when we go out to restaurants or to the Chinese malls. I am starting to notice more and more which is awesome!

    1. Yes, that area definitely has many Asians, I have been through there before. I am happy to hear that you have seen so many AMWF couples, a dozen is a lot! I would be interested to hear how many you typically see in an average day. I think most of them are most likely at Pacific Mall haha! Please join my page Karina about AMWF Love in Canada if you are interested:

  10. I am beginning to wonder why there are so many more WMAF pairings and not AMWF ones. Is it because WF are more choosy? Or are they more easily influenced by all the negative stereotypes of Asian males? Or is it because WF are independent minded and fear being the ‘good Chinese wife’ or the ‘good Japanese wife’ – whatever that is? I am beginning to wonder whether Western males are on to something and are the smarter ones?

    1. I remember a study stating that Western females who go to China are rarer in number than males and are more often in a relationship when they go there. This would explain why there are less AMWF than AFWM couples in China.

      I’ve probably seen 3-4 other AMWF couples in 1 1/2 years in Shenzhen. AFWM couples surely outnumber us.

    2. I’ve read studies that state since Asian men are not perceived as ‘hot, sexy, or attractive’ in Hollywood, many women would rather not date them. If you have noticed, many of the leading men in Hollywood are not Asians however, are of other cultures. I’ve also read studies that suggest Asian men are typically perceived as studious, shy, and not that attractive. It all depends on personal preference. I know a lot of people who would never date an Asian man, but Asian men are the only men that I would want to be with!

      1. I couldn’t agree more with you. I too live near Mississauga and I believe in general Canadians are quite open to interracial relationships. However given the negative stereotype against Asian (oriental) males, most white women would choose a black man over an oriental man. Almost everyday I see a white female with a black man and yet seldom an AMWF couple. These days I even begin to notice a growing number or South Asian males with white females. Asian female and white males are also quite common. Thus, one cannot really blame culture nor racism.

        1. It’s funny because I hardly see white women with black men, but, I have seen more BMWF couples as opposed to AMWF couples in the past. I think it depends on where you come from in Canada. There are many small cities or towns which would frown upon AMWF couples, but, a city such as Mississauga or Toronto is more open to it because there are more newcomers in those areas. Feel free to join my page on AMWF Love in Canada:

    3. Height. A man’s height matters a lot to most women while a while a women’s height doesn’t matter to most men. Some men even prefer short women.

      1. This is true. A lot of woman want men who are taller than them so they can ‘look up and gaze into their eyes’.

        My husband is my height and I love him just the same no matter what his height is.

  11. I’m from a small town in upstate New York with a big university. I wanted to keep my location obscure. So please bear with me on this one. Besides, coming across AMWF couples on your way of running errands also depends on the time and location of your errands. I’d list for some couples I do remember seeing;

    1. A pair I saw them having lunch in a Chinese restaurant when I was there for my lunch. They seem pretty young, probably around 21, 22 years old.

    2. A pair that I came across on my way back to work, the Asian guy was tightly holding his girl waist. He’s like above 6 feet (I know because I’m 5’11”) and appear lanky and the girl is below average height for a typical white girl. The girl seems to be embarrassed when she saw me walking towards them while her bf was tingling her waist. They stopped doing that once I walked past by them.

    3. I also came across a pair walking past by the sidewalk when I was driving and got stuck in the traffic. I saw the girl heartily laughing for something her bf talked about. It appeared that way.They didn’t even notice me observing them because I’m in the car.

    4. That was 11:00pm, 1 hour before the midnight, I was going for shopping alone because I needed something immediately. Well, it’s not for condom for sure, lest you guys thinking what else I’ll be needing at this time of the night. I saw a couple, browsing near the shampoo aisle. The guy seems pretty decent and the woman was picking up some bottles and asking his opinion. As I walked past by, the only thought that came up to my mind was why do you guys shop around this time of the night? Maybe that’s why I don’t see AMWF couples a lot in broad daylight? Well, that’s not my business to continue thinking, so I came back after my shopping.

    5. A couple that appears like the ROCK. The guy seems Chinese American (Yes, I can differentiate Asian ethnicity quite well 85% of the time.) He stands 6’5” and quite muscular. When I saw him, I felt like “dwarfed” and exclaimed myself “WT heck, I can’t imagine such a couple exist.” Well needless to say, his partner is as tall as me, and I’m sure that she’s heavier than my weight (of course considering she has extra two to carry on her body. :D)

    6. A pair that I saw them during my lunch in a Chinese restaurant (different from the one I listed above), and they seemed very quiet and didn’t talk a lot. Seems like the first step of their dating scene.

    7. A pair that seem enjoying sunshine on the lawn when I was walking past by.

    The reason I use “a pair” in some of my observation is because they seem pretty young and I’m not sure if “a couple” description fits nicely to their relationship or they just started dating? No idea.

    New York City

    When I went to NY city for a visit twice, I came across about two AMWF couples each time. Two of them pretty normal, just walking by, and I noticed that the Asian guys are Asian Americans and they look “cocky” to my liking. The guy I came across stared at me, walked past by me and tried to compare his height with mine. I’m like “Dude, cut it out, you’re wearing boots, I’m wearing slippers and you’re not even up to my eyes level yet.” Both of these occasions, I did notice that their partners were also kind of “I’m that hot white gurl, you know” sentiment possessing type of girl, wearing heels and a bit of makeup.

    The other two couples are very vivid in my memory. One couple that we (my gf and I at the time) were window shopping at the Macy department store at 7th avenue, they’re looking for some winter coat. We just got a glance and they just disappeared. The vivid memory was because the woman I just got a glance was pretty beautiful even in my experience of seeing White people here in the US.

    The other couple we came across was in a pretty packed traffic. The couple seem around 35-40 age range and the woman is probably from Europe because the man was holding her hands tight and showing her around while she speaks a little bit of English. Her hair is like a lion’s hairs indeed.


    Back in 2000, I came across ONE AMWF and ever since then I came to the US. So not sure if the demographic is changing though.

    And I also need to mention that I don’t go out quite a lot. So the statistics here is just my personal observation. And I guarantee that I was not staring at those couples every time I came across. I just walked past by them like a normal person would do.

    1. You are right Rdm, it is difficult to notice all AMWF couples, because it can all depend on where you are, and how long you are there for. If someone were to stand on a street corner or sit in a restaurant for an entire day, I’m sure they would notice many AMWF couples (well, depending on where it is of course). You provided a very in-depth observation of the couples that you noticed in your area, thank you for that! 🙂 You should consider doing a more complete study of your own one day, you were very descriptive which was great. It was difficult for me as well to determine if the couple were ‘dating’ or ‘just friends’ however, I tried to look for signs of hand-holding, touching, laughing while staring into the other person’s eyes, etc. These most likely are indications of a relationship however, I didn’t know for sure. It seems as though you noted many young AMWF couples. I’m not surprised as many young AMWF couples are coming about more so than before. I think it’s because the times are changing, and people have become more accepting of people dating from outside of their culture.

  12. On Singapore, I sent a report to Fred two months ago. Not many there…I saw a few WMAF couples, but a lot of Indian-Chinese couples…During my two week stay I counted 163.

    1. That’s an exaggeration. 2 weeks, and 163 Indian-Chinese couples? Where? Mustafa? Little India? I’ve been away from home, but it’s not like I’m permanently stationed here in US. I know what’s going on in Singapore.

    2. @ David

      You mentioned that you saw 163 Indian/Chinese couples in Singapore. Can you give us the breakdown? That is, how many were Indian male/Chinese woman paring (IM/CW) versus Chinese man/Indian woman pairing (CM/IW)?

      1. Although I do give the benefit of the doubt until proven, I often found David coming out of the rabbit hole when it comes to Interracial marriage and will give any links that go to White discrimination against anything.

        Here’s the breakdown, within 2 weeks (14 days), he saw 163 interracial couples in Singapore. Those are between Indians and Chinese. Let’s not worry about if they’re Indian men or Chinese men for first analysis.

        163/14 days give you 11.6 couples per day. So let’s just make it 12 couples per day. Unless you’re sitting your ass all day long in a place where all Indian/Chinese couples are invited to celebrate their interracial marriages for consecutive 14 days, you’re less likely to ever come across such a couple in a huge amount for 2 weeks. Considering he’s not going to Singapore to count those couples, what are the odds of encountering 163 interracial couples in Singapore? I’m not saying they don’t exist. They do exist, but to believe in such a number would make me plain stupid or I’m utterly incapable of utilizing my common sense.

        1. That’s quite a high number David! I’m surprised that you were able to notice all of those couples during a two-week stay. However, it could have been possible. What were they doing when you saw them? Do you remember where you were when you noticed them?

  13. Try Honolulu, HI…saw close to 50 AMWF couples and slightly more near 60 WMAF couples in a span of four months…yes they were not the same couples…Hawaii is very tolerant especially with AMWF couples…west coast of the US comes in second…particularly Seattle….not withstanding the Mikado Yellowface controversy, Seattle is extremely tolerant towards interracial couples.

  14. In the rest of the world, including Singapore, I have n’t seem any…Ordimary Malaysian asks a relevant question…”Is it because WF are more choosy? Or are they more easily influenced by all the negative stereotypes of Asian males? Or is it because WF are independent minded and fear being the ‘good Chinese wife’ or the ‘good Japanese wife’ – whatever that is? I am beginning to wonder whether Western males are on to something and are the smarter ones?”

    Yes, if you go to the US South WF are choosy…they are choosy about what race they will admit into sororities, let alone date…if they admit only whites, you can be pretty certain they will only date whites….it has taken them this long, and I am not even sure, that they are very serious…please read the whole story and the responses….as much as many on this board may hate to hear it…about the “girl” with wrong color being wrongly seated on the acceptance side of the room..there is more to the story…some women actually threw up….

    Western males have the privilege and power to go anywhere and pick anyone they want…ask Manny…he will tell you of his “exploits” with Asian women in Hong Kong. But, if an Asian or Asian American does that in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, if the woman just throws up he is lucky…if he knocks on the sorority, they may call the police, or the police might blow him away like they did to that black kid in Ferguson, MO last saturady…then again Honolulu is just the opposite.

    1. I believe that all places are subject to discrimination towards certain groups. Even though most countries are open to immigration, discrimination still exists regardless. You would hope in this day and age, things would have improved however, we haven’t quite reached that point yet. We can only hope that one day, our children and grandchildren will be able to see the world at peace with each other, regardless of race or culture.

  15. @David,

    Does discrimination exist in US? Of course it does, do I hate it? Of course I do. But not as much as I hate on “THE discrimination” per se, but hate on the very fact that you are policing around the world and giving big speeches while you yourself can’t hold on to the very core of the value you said we all should be embracing. That means “hypocrisy”. Chinese come here to US not because of the value Uncle Sam has been touting, but because of the “Education”. I repeat, it’s only for “Education” which most Chinese believe Education will get you better life. That’s the only incentive for Chinese. Other than that, they don’t even like Kim Kardashian.

    Not that I’m opposing the reality; your post about the discrimination once in a while is worth a dose for the reality check. But keeping it rolling is not good for the general health of this blog, instead it dampens the enthusiasm of the readers.

    The world is not perfect. Everybody holds their racial superiority over one another. It’s just the matter of the concrete evidence that is tenuously pinning on one’s own country overall performance. Chinese held superiority over Japanese. Yes that sentiment seemed legitimate when China was the pinnacle of the universe in Qing dynasty. Then the turn of the century made Japan superiority plausible.

    The same goes for British over Americans and Americans over Britain. And then there goes how Irish immigrants were discriminated in America if you think of the US as a white dominant country. All those superiority sentiment was only consolidated when your country of origin was leading the world. Once it’s gone, look at the David Cameron now, he’s the butt of a joke for China.

    After France and Luxembourg opened the first ever off-shore Yuan clearing centers in Europe, he went to Beijing, played ping pong with pedestrians to show the goodwill of the Britain and now trying to get the deal with China for Yuan clearing center in London. So who’s hold the superiority over whom? The world is changing. We all can be stuck up with our superiority mindset until the reality kicks in. Just enjoy your life, and be optimistic about your future. Sorority? Fraternity? I don’t even give a damn.

    Steve Jobs didn’t have a fraternity, neither did Bill Gates. They’re all drop-outs. If their lives pin on sorority, I’d suggest them to drop out of college because real life has so much to offer them.

    1. I agree with Rdm, let’s be enthusiastic for the future. Things change so quickly, it’s hard to know when it will change but it does.

  16. I am not whining..just stating the facts…Singapore vs Honolulu vs Seattle vs Alabama to answer the question of Ordinary Malaysian…it is a matter of history…although in the same country and majority white, Seattle and Tuscaloosa, AL may as well be on another planet.

    1. Thank you David for stating your findings about the different types of couples that you have noticed. It’s good to hear that in different countries around the world, AMWFers are noticed!

  17. Thank you all so much for the comments on this post! It’s so wonderful to hear from other people and their own observations around the world regarding AMWF couples.

    I’m with Marta and Lina — Maria, I would totally support your starting up a blog of your own! 🙂

    (Special thanks too to Fred, who clearly continues to inspire all of us!)

    1. Yes, a BIG thank you to Fred for inspiring me to write this post. If it weren’t for him, my post would have never happened. I may write a blog in the future, who knows! For now, I love reading all of the amazing posts that are written by all of you!

  18. @ Jocelyn and Others.

    Thank you for your praises. I was happy that my several posts of the past inspired some of you to write and submit posts such as this one by Maria. Thank you Jocelyn for allowing this forum to exist.

    I still have 2 more posts pending and I must state that they are quite controversial as they explore the taboo in all of us. I am uncertain if Jocelyn will even allow me to post them here. In fact, I am still contemplating whether I should submit them for posting at all for fear of creating a firestorm and a backlash against me.

    I will have to check with Jocelyn next week to see if she is willing to entertain these 2 pending posts of mine.


    1. It would be great to see another post by you Fred. Your first post was quite inspirational; I’m sure you have some great ones still waiting to come out of hiding. If they are appropriate, it would be wonderful to read them.

  19. One should never say the number of AMWF couple will not surpass WMAF. You never know what is going to happen in the future! But then again, dating is about finding someone who are suitable for you, someone who will take care of you and you want to will take care of. And of course, love is important too. At the end, it’s not so much about race.

    1. That is true TLAG, we hope that one day, AMWF couples will be on the same consistency as WMAF couples however, only time will tell. And yes, it is all about love in the end, regardless of race. 🙂

  20. According to the latest census, AMWF marriages in the US are both rare and not rare, depending on where the AM was born. For Asians born And raised in Asia, WMAF outnumber AMWF by a ratio of about 10 to 1. For Asians born and raised in the US, the ratio is only about 2 to 1 to 3 to 1, depending on the ethnicity.

          1. Thank you for providing the link to the study Outis. I will be sure to check it out soon. 🙂

  21. Interesting article Maria (and beautiful pictures!).
    It makes me want to do my own study, too!

    By the way, thanks for linking my website under my comics!

      1. Jasmine, now that you are in Japan, you can do one of your own studies there! I think that would be interesting. 🙂 Do you know of any other French Canadian/Japanese AMWF couples? Your comics were amazing, keep up the great work!

  22. @China Elevator Stories,

    I’ve seen similar studies, and these studies are consistent with the observation of many people that indicates that often the reason that white men go to China and other places in Asia is BECAUSE they don’t have a partner in their home country and the men believe they will have better luck with Asian women.

    In other words, white men go to Asia to score with Asian women, and white women go to Asia for reasons other than Asian men.

    1. @ D-Maybe

      I agree with you that some white men do go to Asia when they have no steady partner back home. When I went to H.K. several years ago, I had no gf and was actively trying to see if I can take down a purebred Chinese girl from H.K., but despite my best efforts, I failed.

  23. I’ve heard that as well D-Maybe. But, that also happens in a lot of other countries as well, with white men looking specifically for Asian women. It could be because they weren’t successful with those in their own culture, or for other reasons. It’s hard to say as everyone has a different outlook on who they are looking for as a future mate. It’s funny because there is a movie called ‘Shanghai Calling’. There is an American male in that movie who is an English teacher in China. I recall him saying in the film ‘I want an Asian woman!’

  24. I live in Princeton, NJ, which is a university town. In the elementary school my daughter attends, I can think of 4 AMWF famlies. And that’s just one out of the town’s numerous public and private schools. When you walk along the main shopping street which is adjacent to the university, it’s not uncommon at all to see AMWF pairings among the students. Maybe 1 or 2 per afternoon.

    1. Wow, that’s amazing to hear Jane! It seems as though AMWF couples are becoming more prevalent than I had originally thought. Thanks for sharing!

  25. In many cases they are the same couples you see day after day. I know the area and I have seen the couples often.

  26. I most certainly agree the number of WMAF couples are certainly higher and this especially rings true where I live on Okinawa, Japan. This is mostly because of the military and I don’t really see AMWF couples. It’s kind of sad. 🙁

    1. I thought that Japan would have a lot of AMWF couples but, I suppose it depends on where you are living in Japan. Maybe you will be the first one! 😉

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